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Join us in being a part of racing history by helping to bring the Land Steam Record back to the United States!

The Dream...

Ethereal in nature, dreams sometime intrude into your life... sometimes they’re ignored, sometimes they’re distracting. Some of us walk through life blind to our dreams, others seize their dreams and make them real.

Welcome to the home of Steam Speed America:
Soon to be the FASTEST steam car on Earth!

Chuk Williams & the SSA Streamliner This website is a tool designed for one purpose: to share our dream and make it real by allowing you the ability to participate, support and be a part of our progression towards a fulfillment of a decade long dream... the Dream of building our own Steam Powered Streamliner and setting a new Land Speed Record for Steam-Powered vehicles.

We want to use our skills to go faster than any other man has ever gone in a steam-powered vehicle. We don’t want to build every single part or piece of the vehicle - we’ll gladly use any off-the-shelf item that suits our needs. Together, we’ll build a machine that will bring the Land Steam Record back to the USA!

Steam Speed America logo The STEAM SPEED AMERICA TEAM is not a corporation building a vehicle to promote our own interests - we’re a group of steam enthusiasts who have come together to pursue a Dream. What money we do have backing us has been contributed by people who share the Dream. We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of making the Dream come true...

Come join us in making our Dream a reality!