The Team

Join us in being a part of racing history by helping to bring the Land Steam Record back to the United States!

Who We Are

Chuk Williams

Chuk Williams Chuk is a retired wannabe engineer with a lifelong interest in steam vehicles. He is the designer, builder, and driver of the STEAM SPEED AMERICA Streamliner, and brings his “get it done” attitude to the Project.

Art Gardiner

Art Gardiner Art is a retired mechanical engineer, with extensive experience in the aerospace, gas turbine, and diesel engine industries. He assisted in all aspects of the design, stress analysis, and aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Jim Tangeman

Jim Tangeman Jim has been a designer and manufacturer of custom agricultural machinery for many years and also has extensive experience in the design and construction of steam engines.

Ken Helmick

Ken Helmick Ken has expertise in the machining and model-making fields, as well as having an encyclopedic knowledge of steam systems and steam patents.

Roger Ulsky

Roger Ulsky Roger is a retired electrical engineer, with expertise in analog and digital control systems. Roger has also designed and built several steam power plants for boats and vehicles.

The Bonneville Crew

Robin Roarke
Crew Chief

Robin Roarke Robin is a Registered Nurse, and brings to our project her considerable project management skills from past experience as an operations manager for a Fortune 500 company.

Tom Kimmel
Push Truck Driver/Public Relations

Tom Kimmel Tom used his considerable knowledge of steam-related subjects to enlighten the press and the public about our project. He also provided and drove the push truck.

Tom Stoecker

Tom Stoecker Tom brings his lifetime of experience with all things mechanical to the project, as well as his in-depth knowledge of steam power production.

Nick Mesmer

Nick Mesmer Nick is a retired commercial pilot, as well as an A&P aircraft mechanic. He brings a wealth of experience with engines and aircraft to the project.

Scott Haines
Safety Officer/Mechanic

Scott Haines Scott’s day job is electrical testing for startups and commisionings of electrical power plants, so he’s a natural to be on the crew. He owns a 1920 Stanley.