Join us in being a part of racing history by helping to bring the Land Steam Record back to the United States!

The Land Steam Record

1906 - Fred Marriott - 127.659 MPH

Fred Marriott and the Stanley Rocket Fred Marriott set the Land Speed Record for steam vehicles on the sand at Ormond Beach, Florida, at a speed of 127.659 MPH in 1906. He drove a steam powered car built by the Stanley Brothers and nicknamed the “Rocket”. The Rocket was steered with a tiller, and had no roll bar or other safety equipment-with the exception of a pair of goggles for the driver!

Photo courtesy of Unknown Source

1985 - Bob Barber - 145.607 MPH

The Barber-Nichols Steam Car In 1985, a steam turbine-powered vehicle modified and driven by Bob Barber set a new Land Steam Record of 145.607 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats. However, this record was not recognized by the F.I.A as official, since the Barber vehicle set the record running two timed runs in the same direction. The F.I.A requires that timed runs be made in both directions, within one hour, with the average speed of the two runs becoming the record speed.

Photo courtesy of Barber-Nichols Inc.

2009 - Charles Burnett - 148.308 MPH

Charles Burnett - Team Inspiration In August 2009 Driver Charles Burnett III, of the “Inspiration” team of Great Britain, recorded a two-way average speed of 139.843 MPH (225.06 km/h) at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The following day, Driver Don Wales drove the car to a two-way average of 148.308 MPH, and this became the new F.I.A. Land Steam Record.

Photo courtesy of The Steam Car Company Ltd.

SOON - Chuk Williams

Chuk Williams - Steam Speed America Our STEAM SPEED AMERICA Team carries on in the tradition of American ingenuity, progress, and the advancement of steam power to bring the Land Steam Record back to the USA! JOIN US!


Where We Are Now - October 2013

Streamliner The STEAM SPEED AMERICA Streamliner has proven itself during our preliminary testing program at Bonneville in October 2012. The testing and development program has continued - right up to the present. Through the spring and summer of 2013, we did quite a rebuild and redevelopment of the steam generator/burner, as well as an exhaustive series of dyno tests on the entire drive train. Our intent was to make our record attempt at the World Finals, but the event was cancelled because of rain.

We did two test runs at the Ohio Mile in Wilmington, Ohio on September 28th-29th. With only a mile to run and a mile to stop, our runs weren't spectacular but nevertheless we discovered and corrected more minor problems. One major problem that arose was the failure of the clutch on the last run that we made - we're happy that the failure occurred when it did - and that it's easily corrected.

We will make our record attempt at Bonneville Speed Week in August 2014. Plan to join us for the event if you can!